Tournament Rules

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Holy Havoc 2017 Age of Sigmar Narrative Team Event consisting of 5 games of Ages of Sigmar. Each game will have 5 battle rounds with unique table battleplans and deployments designed around each battleplan. Holy Havoc has slots for 32 players, 16 teams. Players/Teams will battle to win glory for a randomly determined faction Chaos, Death, Destruction or Order. Teams comprised of a Grand Alliance are preferred but not required. If Tzeentch is aligned with Stormcast we want a narrative provided explaining how this uneasy alliance was formed. If possible, these narratives will be worked into the story of this campaign weekend.

Each player on the team must have a Warlord of Havoc themed to their Warhost on a 40mm base. The model will have the chance to win Best Warlord Model trophy so be CREATIVE! A Warscroll will be created by the Holy Havoc Council with all profile information.

Teams will follow the Coalition of Death Fighting the Battle rules found on page 16 of the General’s Handbook 2017. Each player on a team will have a Vanguard warhost of 1000 points and a 500 point sideboard using the points from General’s Handbook 2017, Forge World Warscrolls, and Compendium PDFs. Reinforcement Points will follow all rules on page 77 of the General’s Handbook 2017. All Reinforcement models must be displayed for Players Choice and Paint Judging.

Advance Intel

Here are things to consider when teams build their warhost.

  1. Massive regiments will not be required to compete. For all Holy Havoc battleplans players will always control an objective if they have 5 or more models from any number of units in their army within 6″ of the objective and there are no enemy models within 6″ of it.
  2. We are concerned about players finishing games and we are in the process of determining an addition to the rules pack to handle this. Think Narrative first when you build your warhost and consider your ability to complete games within the allotted amount of time.
  3. Narrative games are intended to be, first and foremost, fun and interesting to all participants. Keep in mind that Narrative play is, at the core, a cooperative gaming experience—you hold as much responsibility for your opponent’s enjoyment of the game as your own.
  4. A variety of Warscroll types will be important to success.
  5. Terrain will impact the game.
  6. Completion of objectives will have a direct impact on your Warlord Havoc’s ability to earn upgrades for himself and his Warhost.


  • Each team is considered to be comprised of 2 separate warhosts and may be from different Grand Alliances.
  • Each player must have a Warlord of Havoc
  • Warlord of Havoc must have a narrative describing his/hers background including name and realm of origin.
  • Each player’s deployed warhost must meet all of the Vanguard 1000 point requirements in the General’s Handbook 2017 on page 75 including following the restrictions below.
    • Special/Unique Characters are not allowed in this event.
    • Each player’s warhost is limited to 0-2 heroes
    • Warlord of Havoc will be your General/Leader, Warlords will have a custom command abilities that can be found here: Holy Havoc 2017 Warlord Command Abilities
  • 5 Rules of 1 are in effect for the team these can be found on page 76 of the Generals Handbook 2017.
  • Command Traits, Artefacts and Battletome Spells are chosen in advance and must be indicated in warhost list. Artefacts cannot be duplicated.
  • Command Abilities, Battle Traits, & Command Traits only apply to a player’s warhost and cannot affect their teammate’s warhost.
  • Warhost that run Battalions must somehow visually indicate which models are part of the Battalion. For example, marking the Battalion with tokens.
  • All measuring is done Base to Base.
  • Round bases are required.
  • All models must be fully painted to a minimum standard. Models primed with only 3 items painted are not considered fully painted are not allowed for this event. Holy Havoc 2017 Painting Checklist
  • Display boards are limited to 24”x24” and will only be allowed in the hall for paint judging. Players are encouraged to bring other means of Warhost transport from table to table.
  • All Reinforcements must be displayed for Players Choice and Paint Judging. This includes Summoned models from any spell or army special rules. Summoned models not painted and themed to the army can’t be used during the game (if you plan to raise 200 zombies or skeletons you better have 200 painted and themed to your army).
  • Players may NOT borrow models from other players for Reinforcements or any special rules.
  • The game stops if a team no longer has any models left to battle, victory conditions are calculated immediately.

List Submission

All players should submit their Warhost list and Warhost Narrative to the Holy Wars Council by October 4, 2017. Lists should be emailed to Please send the lists as a PDF.

Objectives (Per Game)

  • Objectives will be claimed by having 5+ models within 6″ of the objective unless otherwise indicated in the battleplan. Heroes, monsters and war machines not allowed claim objectives.
  • Main Mission Objective: 1 pt
  • Terrain Table Objective: 1 pt
  • Warp Crystal Token Objective: 1 pt
  • Warlord Mission Objective: 1 pt
  • Favorite Opponent (1 pt per vote): 1 pt
    (Votes submitted at the end of each day for opponents played that day, max 5pts for the event.)


There are 55 points available over four categories.

25 pts Battle

Available over the 5 games. A team can get a maximum of 25 points by winning all the objectives listed below.

  • Main Mission Objective: 1 pt
  • Terrain Table Objective:  1 pt
  • Warp Crystal Token Objective:  1 pt
  • Warlord Mission Objective: 1 pt
  • Favorite Opponent (1 pt per vote): 1 pt
    (Votes submitted at the end of each day for opponents played that day, max 5 pts for the event.)

15 pts Appearance

  • Available to all players. Painting Checklist to make sure you get your points!

15 pts Sportsmanship

  • 5 Favorite Opponent points available. One point for each favorite opponent vote.
  • 6 Participation points available.
    • 4 point for donating one or more items worth at least $20 retail total to the Raffle.
    • 2 point for voting for your favorite army.
  • 4 Etiquette points available. Each team starts with 4 points and could lose one or more points for the following reasons:
    • Slow play based on judges discretion.
    • Complaints from the Hampton Inn staff.
    • Arguing rules disputes.
    • Judge’s discretion.


  • Best Team (Overall)
  • Best Sportsmen (Highest Sports Score)
  • Best Warhost (The Highest Paint Score based on judges votes)
  • The Warlord Model (The best individual model based on judges votes)
  • Fan Favorite (Peer vote)

Rules Judges

Players are required to have their Warscrolls handy (print or digital versions) ready to resolve rule disputes between themselves in a fair and friendly manner. However, in the case of ambiguous rules or firm disagreements, players are encouraged to dice off to resolve the dispute. If after the dice off the issue is still not resolved there will be Rule Judges circulating on the floor. While we strive for accuracy, it is our main goal to keep games moving along. Decisions from a Rule Judge will be quick and considered final.

Charity Raffle and Re-roll Dice

Holy Havoc will hold a charity raffle to support Hesed House. Players are asked to contribute a Games Workshop or fantasy equivalent (These must be New In Box models) product with a value of $20 or more. Raffle tickets can be purchased for $5.00 each or 6 for $20. All proceeds will go to Hesed House. Players may also purchase a Holy Havoc charity re-roll die for $20. This die can be used once per game in each of the 5 tournament games to re-roll D6 roll, priority rolls may not be re-rolled.


Registration opens at 7:00 pm on 4/7/17 – Please email if you would like to sign up and send your PayPal payment to Please send the money via Friends and Family after all we are friends.

The Holy Havoc 2017 narrative team tournament will be able to seat 32 players.
Refunds – If an individual cancels a reservation before September 4th payment will be refunded in full. After September 4th payment will be refunded minus a $30 tournament fee to each player. Cancellations after October 4th will not be refunded. Thank you.