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Castle Kits

Castle Kits is your source for pre-cast table-top fantasy, sci-fi and historical wargames terrain and display pieces in 28-30mm scale. We provide both complete kits and specific sets for both the beginner and advanced modeler. Kits are made from Hirst Arts Castlemolds with Hydrostone plaster that is white in color unpainted. Certain more fragile parts are cast in Excalibur dental plaster that dries tan in color. Can easily be painted with acrylic household, model or craft paints. Tips for color schemes and finishing tips are supplied on a useful tip-sheet with additional links for help online.


Kromlech is a company that produces models, conversion bits, basing kits and more – for tabletop battle games. If you are looking for cool parts to add to your models; we are a good place for you. All our products are cast from highest quality resin. Our team of professional casters work very hard to deliver only best casts without air bubbles, holes or warpings.

6 Squared Studios

6 Squared Studios is a company that 6″ x 6″ resin squares, MDF bases and Accessories – for tabletop battle games. They will create the things you want for the games you are currently playing and hope that other people will find use for them as well.

TC War RoomTC War Room

Northern Michigan’s only full service game store. We cater to all gamers and game systems. Everyone is welcome all the time. See what everyone else has already found out at the War Room.